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    April 16, 2013
    3:55 - 4:25pm PDT  

neighborhood and the city in general. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. let's hear from our next poet. next poet indeed, supervisor. bobby coleman from the tenants union and other groups where i organize poets, writers and artists. i want to thank the supervisors for their support of poetry literature and the great history of cultural arts in san francisco during national poetry month. i want to thank supervisors mar -- supervisor mar for his kind comments, and supervisor avalos for fine reading of a wonderful poem and the haiku to the mayor during question time which i saw. and all the supervisors for considering that the legacy of san francisco in a way depends upon the continuation of the legacy of the poetry arts in san francisco. also to my fellow poets and other kind comments and contributions today, and to the
laureate alejandro magia, i poem today is a third of the traditional trip let of haikus that form a traditional haiku, just a small one, written after i read the agenda. public interest. the winds and blossoms of spring have no lobbyists. one more time. public interest. the winds and blossoms of spring have no lobbyists. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. hello, good afternoon. my name is douglas [speaker not understood]. just for the record, the sacred heart teams were staring at you. i did notice all 11 of you were properly seated and looking,
looking like you were paying attention. so, thank you for doing that. just for the record, i went to sacred heart, graduate of 1970, and the dead gay man i always refer to mr. joseph [speaker not understood] who is also involved in the dead man's curse was a sacred heart graduate in 1966. so, that's why i keep harping on the subject because the kids of sacred heart, we fight for injustice no matter how long it takes and sooner or later we will defeat the government sooner or later. secondly, i'd like to note down examiner 2sfuc worker filed for porn e-mails and gambling. whatever happened to the so-called pornography going on at san francisco general hospital? i was told it started before 1989 and it might still be continuing to this day.
for the record, none of the supervisors and the mayor's office has publicly done anything about it. and i would like it known that if you keep delaying, eventually the federalies will march in here and do something if you don't. also, i'd like to encourage everyone to speak out about suspicious behavior, especially after yesterday's fiasco. and if you feel uncomfortable talking to some of my folks, then i would encourage everyone to speak to whoever authority you want to speak to and pass the information because every league will be avidly checked out as fast as possible. let's put it this way. we don't want to see any innocent blood shed in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. hello, my name is annie
elizabeth cromwell, i live in district 6 where we have undergrounded utilities. i'm here in support of that. i believe for our safety and for our tourism industry that it would best serve our community to have the entire city underground utilities. thank you. >> next speaker. mr. president, members of the board, as i sat there a few moments ago, i listened attentively to representative for district 9 and the nice words that she spoke about that lady who, in my humble estimation, [speaker not understood] to help [speaker
not understood] people arrive at their destination in life. what came to me was a poem, part of it say that life's great men all remind us we must make our lives sublime and leave it -- and part and leave behind us such faith in [speaker not understood]. that lady that was spoken of, she surely did leave a great legacy that although she is not with us today, she can be highly be spoken of and i compliment you, supervisor, for district 9. thank you very much. >> thanks. next speaker.
tom gilberti, [speaker not understood] apartments. last week i came out against the tenants in common that were trying to move forward for cost of living rental for the city. and i thought maybe we can make a deal. isn't that politics? if you get your 2000 plus rental units to can cost tenants in common, why can't we get rent control for every apartment built since 1979? anyway, also i mentioned something about the 88 condos of sc ford, beautiful hilltop, dolores market. and in keeping in the same vein, i'd like the overhead, please.
i would like to develop a fictional piece of property or piece of property in the fictional sort of way . what we have here is stockton street ~ and the new muni metro. and i would like for the board of supervisors to eminent domain me all the property around it so it kind of looks like that. i would like to build an 80 story, 70 story, 50 story apartment towers. we will call it the global birds nest village. i can sell it all the way across the world. dubai. people buy whole floors. it will be wonderful. we can build bridges across from one building to another building. [speaker not understood] dwelling right around a muni central. of course these will have limousines down at the service, down in the basement, exquisite underground shops, the whole
nine yards. and the question i want to ask is, this is easier to get task and had built in this city than 26 units of a condo, 26 units of rent control cost of living apartments, 26 units -- thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is [speaker not understood] and i live in the district 6. i harped on for months about hiv services and blah, blah, blah and all that stuff. what i end up doing is jumping into it and actually getting involved and doing stuff. and, so, i got involved with the hiv prevention council, okay. other issues that i feel like are important to me, i jump
into head first sometimes. some time overwhelming myself. but i see that sometimes to be able to get stuff done, you have to actually get deeply involved in it and that's why i missed the days of all the supervisors running at large. i'm not a great big fond person of district election because i spend so much time trying to figure out what's going on in my district that i don't know what's going on in other parts of the city because it's so much going on in my part of the city. and i'd like to challenge the supervisors, take a walk with me down to valencia and market at that bicycle light and sit there with me like i do sometimes in the afternoon and just actually count the bicyclists that actually use that stop light down there that was put up. i don't know if it's a pilot light or, what but it can be easily moved down to sixth street, sixth and market if that wasn't used correctly.
please, i'm more than glad to walk down there with you. i don't have anything to do sometimes. but the gentleman we're talking about earlier about how the library fines and stuff like that, so, muni lets you work off your tickets by volunteering. so, what's the difference in the fines? thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. oh, thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. let's go to our adoption calendar, madam clerk. >> item 33 is being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote will enact this item. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. colleagues, there's a simple typographical error so i'd like to urge you to support the
amended version that's in front of all of you. and this simply pro claims san francisco's 2013 as the year of the child in coordination with many different statewide organizations from the first five commission to the california state association of counties, which i am the rep to. so, i urge your support. thank you. and support for the amendment and as amended as well. >> colleagues, supervisor mar has made a motion to amend his resolution. can i have a second to that? seconded by supervisor campos. and if we can take that motion amended without objection, that should be the case. and on the underlying resolution as amended, madam clerk, can you call the roll? >> supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye.
supervisor yee? yee aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted as amended. madam clerk, could you go to our imperative agenda and do we have any items today? >> we do, mr. president. we have 2013 as the year of the child in san francisco. >> we have a founding as well as the brown act finding -- >> mr. president, mr. president, please excuse my interruption. that was not the imperative item. that was the item -- >> tia margarita. >> yes. it was a resolution declaring 2013 as it a margarita day. in the city and county of san francisco. >> colleagues, we have the resolution described by the clerk purely recommendtry brown act finding. supervisor mar made a resolution to adopt the resolution. second that, seconded by supervisor campos. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, colleagues, can we take this item same house same call?
without objection, this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams? >> yes, mr. president. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals on behalf of supervisor cohen for the late mr. robert chris man. on behalf of supervisor yee for the late ms. becky lee. on behalf of supervisor mar and supervisor campos, for the late carlos ramirez. >> and is there any more business in front of the body? >> that concludes our business for today. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [gavel]
>> okay, we are back in business, the low agency formation commission, john avalos and our commissions have been introduced, jennifer low, madam clerk, can you call our next item, please. >> item number 2 is approval of lafco minutes from january 25, 2013 regular mooting. there are amendments that need to be made to the minutes, on item number 3, commissioner schmeltzer was absent and item number 6, same thing. >> okay. so, we could take those amendments after we open up for public comment. public comments on the minutes, and seeing no one come forward, we'll close public minutes, can we change those things on the
minutes. seconded by commissioner breed, we'll take that without objection. thank you, madam clerk, if you can call your next item. >> item number 3, community choice aggregation activities report, a, status update on clean power sf program, b, status update on proceedings at the california public utilities commission. >> thank you very much and we have presentations from barbara hale of the pcp and nancy miller from lafco, i didn't see you over there. >> barbara hale, assistant general manager for power, we provided some handouts that are available to the public and to the commissioners, i just wanted to give you a quick update on three items, where things are at with the sfpuc and the california public
utilities commission, the status of our customer notification and education plan and an update on our legislation related to clean energy and ms. radica fox will provide the legislative update for you, with respect to the first item, the sfpuc activities, we are progressing as planned, we are on time as our time schedule, we have rated options possible at our commission on march 12th, at that time, we'll be presenting our commission with a customer poll results, we'll be presenting the not to exceed rate for adoption and possible adoption, consideration and possible adoption and that will be accompanied with a report from the rate fairness board providing the commission with advice on those not to exceed rates. at the california puc, we are actively engage on that setting on the proceeding that they are
conducting on pg and e's proposed green tariff omtion, they proposed a 100% green power product. that product is proposed to use green e energy certificates, it's anticipated to enroll 30 thousand residential accounts, which is about .68% of eligible customers, and they are proposing this program to serve all of the customers across their service territory. they expect to reach that 30 thousand enrollment by the end of the third year of the program, and just by way of comparison, we're talking about enrolling in our clean power sf program 50 to 90 thousand residential accounts day 1, you know, and that's in part because our program is an opt-out program, the green
tariff option program pg and e is proposing is an opt-in pro program so it's projected that the differences that i communicated to you are pretty fair to assume given that that key difference in the enrollment strategies. pg and estimating is estimating their price premium to be about 6 dollars a month if r the average residential customer in pg and e territory, the proceeding had been put on hold in order to allow parties to come to agreement on pg and e's propose sal and all party settlement was not reached, and evidentiary hearings are scheduled march 19-31 at this point, there's going to be a rehearing conference at the california pu next week and that will give us a update, we don't expect to see a puc on
this green tariff option until 2014, although there isn't an all party settlement, there are parties included in talk to pg and influence. >> can you describe a bit more about what type of service they're going to have, so if a person signs up for their green e energy certified renewable energy program, are they receiving 100% of their actual electricity needs through this service or u.s. j u.s. getting a portion that's getting 100% energy. >> as i understand it, those customers will receive the pg and e portfolio, soit's renewable at about 19%, a large portion of large hydro and
nuclear and then the balance provided by other power sources like natural gas. when you sign up for green e, what pg and e is proposing to do is to buy their green e certificates to green up or cover, if you will, the natural gas fired portion, the nuclear portion, the hydro portion of the service, so that it would become a 100% renewable product, but only that 19 or so percent that is rps, you know, california renewable would be comparable to what we're offering because it's certified california renewable, the balance of that portfolio would be green e certified under pg and e's proposed application which doesn't meet the same renewable criteria that our
100% renewable portfolio meets. >> great, and the 30 thousand, is there a sense of where the residents who will sign up for pg and e's program, where they would come from, is there real effort to undercut the folks in san francisco that would sign up to our program? >> well, i would expect that pg and e will be marketing the program throughout their service territory, once it's authorized, i would expect that from the numbers they're pretbacker projecting, it's from throughout those 30 thousand accounts are throughout their service territory, since we would be marketing and educating folks about renewable energy offerings, our market may be more ready to consider that sort of option and i would expect that pg and e will be able to under the code of conduct, we are required to provide rate comparisons that we work on together with pg and
e, our program offering versus theirs and i would expect the california puc would require us to show the green e option in that comparison, so we would be sort of more actively engaged with pg and e customers in san francisco as would pg and e as perhaps to their other territories. >> our customers automatically enroll in the green e program? >> no, customers would need to elect, sign up for that program, and that's why i think pg and e is projecting such a low percentage of enroll. , pg and e did offer a climate smart project which similarly had an elect to enroll component that had very low participation and they ultimately cancelled the program. >> will they mail them a notification to opt in with
their bill, or how will the customers be notified of the option? >> i'm not sure what pg and e's marketing plan is for it, but i would assume a bill insert and those typical ways pg and e communicates would be used. that's certainly what they did with their climate smart program. >> thank you. commissioner mar? >> thank you, thank you, chair avalos, ms. hale, could you just explain what the geographical area of pg and e's territory is. er >> it serves most of northern california from about fresno north to the oregon border, from east to west, pg and e does not serve the north eastern portion of california or parts of the si